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On Friday, December 8, 2017, Friendly Streets HamOnt <> wrote:

Hi Dundas Works,

Hope everyone is well!  Big thank you again for attending the Summit - really great to have you there and hope that it was worthwhile!

I'm going through the Capital Budget for 2018 today to include in the toolkit.  I came across some Dundas-specific information, so I thought I'd share.

The scope of funding for 2018 for on-street bike facilities includes 2 projects in Dundas:

  • Dundas St. (Main to Cootes)

  • Hatt St. (Market to Main)

The information can be found here on page 399:  Someone at the last Dundas Works roundtable asked why the bike lanes were removed from Hatt St., so it looks like they're putting some sort of facility back on the street.

That document has everything on the books for 2018, so it's worth a glance to find other projects that may be of interest to Dundas. Page 13 of that document contains all projects specific to Ward 13 for 2018. 

I would contact Daryl Bender ( to find out if you can get more information on the design (i.e., whether it's a bike lane or signed route).  There might also still be time to weigh in on the design because City Council hasn't officially approved the budget yet.  If you are amenable to the idea, including your Councillor might be a good idea if they are supportive of your concerns.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy to help if I can.

Take care, Elise


Elise Desjardins & Beatrice Ekoko | Project Managers | Friendly Streets Hamilton | | 22 Wilson St | 905 549 0900

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