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Dundas Living Centre


Dundas Living Centre

Darlene was the last person in our group to touch base and it was with Anne Pearson.  The M. Fox in question is Martha Fox.


Anne Pearson, who is on the Board of the non-profit DLC, and have given her the Talking Points. She’d be very happy to sit down informally and learn more, and will also share the idea of working with us, with the Board that meets this week.  She is asking for a central contact # or email, to share with others who might be supportive/helpful. For now, she just has my home phone, but that won’t be of much use past Friday….. I really hope someone can meet with these folks - lots f wisdom there.

Here are their numbers :
Linda Tew  (905) 627-4542
Anne Pearson (905) 627-2678

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